A cast iron framed garden room and two stone arches

View towards the rear with the proposed stone staircase

The staircase to the lower ground floor is designed as a gentle structural arch

Model studies of the stone arches

Project Status

Under construction



Structural Engineer

Webb Yates Engineers

Heritage Consultant

Donald Insall Associates

Design Team

Hana Ichikawa, Jack Lewandowski,
Yidian Liu, Charlie Tomlinson,
Graham West, Kevin Widger


Located adjacent to the Regent’s Canal in Islington, this project refurbishes and re-orders an early Victorian Grade II listed house.

An existing full width rear extension is removed and a new cast iron and glass garden room is added. This addition is roughly half the width of the house and allows the garden to connect, once again, directly to the kitchen and dining areas on the lower ground floor. Existing non-historic masonry is removed at garden level and the rear elevation of the house is supported on a structure of two solid stone load bearing arches and piers. The curve of these arches echoes the swept heads of Victorian windows. A new solid stone staircase replaces a modern timber one from the ground floor in the same location.

Throughout the rest of the house the remaining existing features are retained and preserved whilst insensitive additions to the front facade are reversed, allowing the house to contribute to the positive character of the conservation area.