New openable glazing is inserted into existing structural openings creating an active street frontage

The glazed corner entrance increases the presence of the building, marking the building as a gateway to the locale beyond

Existing building and context





Planning Consultant


Services Engineer



Darc Studio

Design Team

Hafiz Ali, Raphael Luzy, Mary Sarpong, Graham West

Keltan House is a four storey office building dating from the 1960s located on a prominent cornerĀ  at the junction of Mare Street and Westgate Street. The building is currently used by Hackney Council as offices and until recently it also provided public facing services.

Our proposals for client, Barworks, centre on the ground floor where existing cellular offices are being replaced by an 850mĀ² open space with a servery, seating and tables that will alternate between touchdown spaces, meeting and reprographic areas by day to a more conventional restaurant in the evening. Other smaller retail concessions responding to the locale will be incorporated including a bakery and coffee roastery.

Externally, new openings are being formed to allow for large areas of openable glazing and new entrances to the corners of the building.

The project is set to complete during spring 2018 and will be called Mare Street Market.