Sefton Waterworks, Liverpool
The brief for the competition was to provide mobile accommodation and facilities for canal side activities. Our proposal is to accommodate all the elements of the brief into three barges which are floated into position and then joined together in a variety of configurations depending on the site.

The canal is the most effective and energy efficient method of transporting the facilities whilst the use of it responds to the aspirations of the commission. The intention is that the journey, arrival and deployment of the three barges is an event within itself. Visible not only from within the destination site but also from the railways, roads and footpaths along the course of the barges’ journey.

The height, width and length of each barge is within British Waterway’s maximum craft dimensions for the canal. This allows other boats to pass when the barges are moored whilst also allowing full movement from Wigan to Liverpool and on to the Albert Dock.


Project Status

Competition 2009