The follies respond to the existing structural grid of trusses overhead

Each object has a unique use and a shared purpose

Quiet study areas are formed within the shadow of the follies

A collection of individual cabinets

Project Status

Competition 2017


University of Worcester

Design Team

Jack Lewandowski, Graham West, Kevin Widger

Proposals for the adaption of an existing Grade II listed industrial building into higher education use. A series of objects are positioned in the space that respond to the established structural grid.


They provide:

  • Gateways & identifiers to individual zones
  • Separation to quiet study areas
  • Projection surfaces
  • Pin-up & exhibition surfaces
  • Storage for chairs & movable partitions
  • Platforms for air-handling & piped services


They can be read as either follies in a landscape or cabinets in a large room.

Fixed partitions are inserted in strategic places to reinforce the zones established by the follies. Quiet spaces are located within the shadow of the follies and other fixed structures such as office walls.